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tee yah fikri
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I do agree with your statements above to the certain extent. in my opinion, our educational system is haywire and failed to produce a holistic student. the system is too-exam oriented. the students will just study blindly to pass the examination without understanding how to apply it in the future. in short, we will just produce a 'robot'.

our educational system is always changing. for example, about the current issue which is to abolished upsr and pmr. they make a decision to abolished the exam. i think in a few years they will change back with the reason that if there is no examination, less excellant students will produce. same goes to ETEMS, now, they change back to teach maths and sciences in bahasa malaysia. the government should think deeply before they come out with any decision. this issue should be taken seriously as our educational system will ensure how many excellant students will be produced.

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faizul ikhwan
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          In my opinion Malaysia’s education systemto a certain extend is a little bit messy. It is mostly because some people useit as political tools to win the heart of the citizen. They do not even care ifthe policies work or not as long as people can see them doing something itenough although the policies are useless. I personally believe that we shouldhave fix policies for education and the policies only can be changed whenmajority of the parliament members approve it.

             In term of our education system producing ‘robot’,I do feel that we cannot put blame fully on the system. Those who run thesystem play important role here. Yes, I refer it to the teachers. Teacher useshortcut to make the students excellent by spoon fed them in term of givinginsight of what the question will come out (soalan bocor) and let themmemorising the books without understand what they have learnt. The students andparents do accept this method since by nature if they want something, theyreally want it fast. So this shortcut is accepted by them. So, parent need tobe less ‘kiasu’. They want their children to be excellent in studies but theyput 100% of the burden to teachers. As we know, teachers also have their ownproblems regarding their paid, tasks, administration works and others. Therefore,teachers cannot focus on only one student. So, by giving them this memorisingmethod, they save their time and with the system that mostly focuses onexamination, they succeed in their work.

              In conclusion, in order to solve thisproblem, parents, teachers and students must first realise the purpose ofeducation. It is a group work. I do feel that parents must take part ineducating their children. This will solve many problem especially socialproblems since the children know their parents love them which they show bysitting together with the teachers to educate them. it is useless to have a perfectsystem but people who in the system do not work together to make it works.


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I agree that each minister of education has different policy and often contradicting one another. Some policies that have been carried out by some ministers were then abolished under the rule of another minister. To a certain extent, education now seems more political than educational. However, whatever changes or restructuring the country leadership wants to take, it must be based on the Philosophy of National Education that is to produce individuals who are physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and socially harmonic.

I am of the opinion that our current education system is slowly progressing towards the betterment of it. The abolishment of Ujian Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) for instance, is a step forward in eliminating an exam-oriented environment in schools. This is because, having many exams will only distort students’ creativity and at the same time lessen the time they spend on other things since the focus is examination alone.

Hence , educationists, well-educated people and of course the country leadership must work hand in hand in order to improve our education system. =)


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nurul izzah
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i do agree with the statement. Malaysian education system actually far left behind than other developed countries. It is true that our Malaysian education system practises feudalism. Teachers are always right and student will just sit down and follow their teachers without have a chance to give opinion or suggestion. 

In addition, Malaysians are exposed with exam oriented syndroms which they do believe that they study just to pass the exam. This is wrong because we study to gain lots of knowledge and exams are supposed to be the way for us to master certain knowledge. Many of us try to memorise certain facts and formulas just because they want to pass the exam. Because of this, there are lots of Malaysians that actually have a great results but lack of knowledge. In future, we would have workers that excel in their studies but low quality of production.

We should realise that our education system are worsening now. So, students should be given chances to give opinion and suggestions. They also should know that study is not all about exam. They should realise that the motive of studying and gain knowledge is for their future. 


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maisarah che mat
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In my opinion, Malaysian education system has to be improved to ensure that we can compete with other country in educational field and to ensure that our country will be able to produce a high quality future generation.

Based on my experience and observation, I can say that Malaysian education system is too exam oriented. Students come to class just because they have to. Students usually starts to study and do revison only when the examination is just around the corner. There is no such thing as 'study for the sake of getting knowledge'. Everything is just for the sake of getting good grades in exams. The main reason why students are acting like that is because they realise that in Malaysia, people have to get good grades and many A's to further their studies in certain courses at good universities. This is due to the fact that in Malaysia only doctors, engineers, architects etc will get good pay. In order to get high salary, they torture themselves in studies and involves themselves in such career. the exam oriented sytem has really turned the students into robots as many of them just know the theory but failed when it comes to the application of the theory. Students are often exposed to critical thinking skills but less exposed to creative thinking skills. Many of them has only one way of thinking. They cannot be creative and think of other way to solve a problem when one way is failed.

Apart from that, Malaysian education system also gives early benefits to students without knowing what the students will loss at the end. For example, pupils from standard one until students in form five are usually being 'spoonfeed' by the teachers. Everything are provided to them and they only have to come to class and listen. Teachers use 'chalk and talk' technique in class while the students just listen passively. That is why students in Malaysia are not independent and only starts to do things by their own when they are in higher educational institutions. The late exposure to independent learning makes students struggle in tertiary education after an easy live during primary and secondary education. This makes our students are left behind and not be able to compete with students from other developed countries. 

The problem with our education system has leads to the production of 'robot' generation in the job field. This is a loss to our country as we may be able to produce a better quality of human capital if our education system is improved in certain aspects that are lacking. 8)

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Fairus Nabila
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I agree with your opinion. Malaysia education system is not producing brilliant students anymore but produces many robots. This is because the government tries to limit the student’s level of intelligence by oriented the examination in Malaysia. The students push themselves to memorize all the scheme answer to ensure that they score well in examination. The questions that will come out in examination are closely same like the past year questions. Indirectly, our system did not give chance to our generation to be creative.

Maybe they scare if new generation are cleaver than them, it can affect their power in future and they can not passed their power to their family. For example, most of strong leaders in Malaysia are come from family who have back ground of well known politician.

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Debbie Ho.Y.L.
Posts: 5

A good education system is with good leaders. Malaysian education system sometimes is based on political issues or malaysian historical events.

Personally, I do not think we really understand what education is all about. To learn, we need to be hurt. In order words, students are allowed to explore the world. It might due to the culture and the pratices in our country (spoon-feeding method/feudalism). In malaysia, religion plays important roles. It is undeniable that races do play their own parts in Malaysia. There are so many issues on education in newspaper everyday. Some issues have solved but some issues have just "silenced" down.

Malaysian education system is not improving. Will it be? Or it will never be? We,the younger generation decide the fate of Malaysian's youngest and purest mind.

Everything happens for a reason.

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To a certain extent, I do agree with the statement....

1. Feudalism. Guru and Pensyarah are always right, the pupils just follow. We cannot blame Guru and Pensyarah because the system made them to do so. Actually Guru and Pensyarah is the puppet used by "the system". The victims is the pupils. The question is who is "the system" now?. The system now not sincerely educating the future generation and just used them for their own benefit.

2. Most Malaysians apprecia te only a logical/cognitive type of capability. True. Every parents wants their children to be clever. They want their children to score. but they never asked what the children want.

3. (national culture), (family), (mutual cooperation)

All of these are the good values of Malaysian culture.


leaders nowadays misuse this good values for their own benefit. I think that once again if our leader is sincere to educated future children without thinking of benefit, this thing would not happen.

4. Teachers = Heroes Without Medals

True...maybe we not get the well paid, but we get something else that is "priceless".

5.  The goverment still take the less effort to educate the future generation. it is because they still considering about the money through the education.

Hence, we must change the system and become more sincere to educate our pupils. Thank you.

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alana zainal
Posts: 7

I have been in this educational system for 12 years from primary level, secondary and tertiary level. I do agree that we are having a messy educational system. Supposedly, an educational system should have the most organized system since it reflects our mission for our future. I have some examples which may be a proof that we have a messy educational system.

I was a Penilaian Tahap Satu (PTS) victim. About 10 years back, we have PTS exam that allows promotion from Standard 3 to Standard 5. I cannot see the relevance of this promotion. I get myself promoted and it was a nightmare. I cannot follow the lessons like before since there were new topics and subjects. They were like alien to me. The teachers also could not help much since they have a very high expectation on PTS students. As the result, I was being left out. But now, we are no longer having PTS. One question that needs to be answered by the ministry is why are we having PTS at the first place? Obviously, they are not thinking deeply of the consequences of the program itself.

Teaching Science and Mathematics (ETeMS) is another program that being demolished by the ministry. The ministry should not be afraid to the people oppression about the use of English as the medium of teaching and learning. The ministry should be firm to their decision after all the discussion and critical research that have been made. ¬ETeMS is actually another proof that shows how messy our educational system now.

The changing of Minister of Education repeatedly is also another reason why I agree that we have a messy educational system. Every minister has their own goal. So, when the minister changes, he or she could change something in our educational system. The question that needs to be answered by the minister is who will be the victims of the changes that have been made frequently? The answer would be the students, our future. This is why we cannot have a messy educational system.

We cannot just simply change something in our educational system. Every change needs to go through the critical research, discussion and possibly no politic agenda included.





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fatin farhana
Posts: 2

In my opinion, Malaysian educational system is not fully kind of messy stuff. However, there are lots of improvement that sholud be done in order to produce a holistic, well knowledged generation. In any action that we took or intend to take, we should turn to the objective of doing it. What we did should achieve the objective. When we look at the national philosophy of education in Malaysia, the one of the objectives is to produce students who are balance in physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual aspects. Is Malaysian educational system do achieve this objective? For instance, previously our educational system are said to be exam oriented where the students just studying just for the sake to past the exam. However, students who got straight a's are not really capable in doing other things because they are just memorizing what they have learned just to score in the exam. Once the exam is finish, they 'delete' what they have memorized. Straight a's means nothing. it does not portray that the students are excel in everything.

However, with the implementation of the school based assessment, the objective to produce students who are balance in all aspects could be achieved. We should not afraid to make changes as there is a probability that something will turn out better. Yet, every changes that will be done should undergo a really deep research so that they will be no victim of the changes made.

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Posts: 3

I do agree that some aspects in our education systems are corrupted. Our education nowadays is too depends on how to create a good student who can achieve more A's in the public examination.However, what we must do aware is that actually our system is 'good' actually but the problem lies to the person who conduct the system.Who?Teacher?Officer from the divisions of the ministry?Parent?Student? These are the persons who are probably creating these sorts of problems that were mentioned. Sometime, the teacher in schools are too focus on how to help the student to score in each of their subject and not helping them to 'understand' what they were taught. And for some students, what is possibly in their mind are just want to get pass the examination. They themselves have no desire, passion and so forth to 'appreciate' the knowledge for their own goodness in the future. And sometime also the division of KPM like JPN and PPD are too stressing the schools to get more and more students achieve A's. This is not the education is all about. We are too far away from the National Philosophy of Education.

Moreover, nowadays in Malaysia, we are producing less people or students to think creatively. What i meant here is students in Malaysia are too 'scare' to voice out their opinion and be more critically thinking. This can be caused by the mentality that some of the educators have that is, you must follow what i teach and not what you think how things should be. Sometimes educators/teacher are too dictator in giving the students to voice out their opinion. That is what I can relate to the problems of having a 'programed like a robot' student. They just follow what they are instructed to do. I do agree that some has corrupted the system itself. And there are certain aspects in the system that we should look back and revise whether its relevance or not. We do have National Philosophy of Education but it seems to be just a philosphy to be cited in the books but in reality some of the people who involves in Education field itself does not look it as a guide.

That are all my opinion which I think I do agree to some extent that there should be a 'revolution' in our education system. We must change our mentality for a better future of education in Malaysia itself.

thank you. 


Kamaruddin Kairuu

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Edan Muncche'
Posts: 5

Yes, we do acknowledge that our current education system is basically focusing on examination rather than the creative aspect of the students. Not everyone is born intelligent and have the criteria of a productive person to achieve the country needs. The examination oriented system has put a barrier between the students. The intelligent one will go to higher education institute and work in professional fields while the unlucky one will left out and become burden to the community. Dont we realize that our education policy is weak ?

Is there any plan constructed for this weak students? What are the prospects of their future? It is obvious that our education system has failed to establish their future. 

I couldn't argue much about the fact that our education system is controlled by our political system and leaders. Infact, in certain issues, politic is the most influencal factor that holds the power to plan and decide our education policies. Education nowadays seems to be more political than educational. Resolution has to be made to resolve this problem. 

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Posts: 4

In my opinion, what you do you say below is most likely true; that the Malaysian education system is quite  messy mostly due to contradiction between the top gunners who'd use it as political tools to win the heart of the citizen. there aren't even a bit of guilty in their heart when the policies are either failed or un implimented, as long as people can see that they are "moving" even if the move ment itself is fake. I believe that we should have enhanced our policies for education accordingly with references such as researches ans studies, and can only be changed whe majority of the parliament members are in favor to it. And the support should have come from a deep thought, not only for the sake of "ngampu smate" (boot licking/ingratiating). From the problems which I stated above, it is not the problem of the system to begin  with, it is those who run the system. You even said yourself that the system is corrupted. Isn't the term corrupted itself is used when something good/ effective is rendered/altered ineffective, so basically, the system is good initially.

To a certain extent, I do not agree when you said that our education is producing 'robot'. Regarding this matter, I feel that the authority/system is not the only one to blame even though the system is more focused on the cognitive aspect and exams which had become the main indicator of exellence for years. But trully from the bottom of my heart, I think that it is those who run the system plays the most important role of all, the main 'catalyst'. Who are those catalyst?? Of course they are the teachers. Af for the slogan Pahlawan Tanpa Jasa, something strucked into my mind when i think about the true meaning of the slogan. In my opinion, the slogan itself is corrupted; it is only for the sake of covering up for the incompetence of them in providing the privileges befitting the role as a teacher. But somehow, the catalyst (teachers) should be able to think about the repercussion of wrong goals (between own privileges and achievements of the whole society). Teacher should not resort to unwise action that might alter the shapes and patterns of the entire society such as showing the back doorway of exellency to the students by spoon feeding them with the question that will come out in the public exams and let them memorize and remember the notes without even partially understanding them.

to wrap this up, I would like to say that, in order to solve this problem, those who are running the system (officer, minister,PM, teachers, etc.) and those who are depending on it (students, parents, guardians, etc.) have to work as an entitiy to ensure the survival of our education and society..

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Posts: 3

i do agree with every single word that had been saying by mr.Azizi because our national education are ongoing to different direction which is looked like weird in every single way they (gov) have decided. schooling with exam-based orientation has turning student to become 'selfish' altogether in studying because for them, study is important just because of those exams only. besides that, because of this scenario, their perfomances in class also become so bad which is they more like to keep quiet (passive) rather than being active especially for those who are in science class.

     other than that, our governemnt once had declared that exams fees such as UPSR, PMR, and SPM had been removed BUT because of that school fees become more expensive with such a bunch of ridiculous matters that has to be paid by parents and these will lead to delay in paying those fees as what we can see nowadays.

    in other words, what i can say about our national education is just based on minister`s mind who is in charge for that task and i believe that will be go on again and again after this whenever changes in ministry occur. my suggestion, please to all the authority to re-look all of these matters before it become worse and worse then one day become unstoppable anymore. in addition, philosophy of education is just all right, the vision and mission and all those are suitable but the way of realizing it i think need a bit changes and i am hoping for it. thank you.

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Angela Yii Hung Ying
Posts: 5

Im quite disagree with the education system in Malaysia. In my opinion, the education system of Malaysia only produces the "robots" instead of producing the manpower which are able to develop their different types of intelligence. Therefore, the students nowadays are trained to follow and memorize all the knowledges given by the educators without developing their cognitive skills. Furthermore, they cannot develop their creativity skills and they are not able to develop their minds. If this condition remains in the same condition, how Malaysia is going to achieve vision 2020? In order to solve this problem, Malaysia should change their policy which only focus on productivity and learn from the western countries like US and Australia. This is because these western countries provide a lot of opportunities for their citizens to improve their intelligence skills. Other than that, educators in the schools should plan the lessons which are able to develop the thinking skills of the students. Their lessons should be able to make the students to think and develop their mind. It is a reminder for me as a future teacher to be, not to train the students to be the robots but to be the manpower which are intelligent and creative to serve the country.

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Lai Hui Sin
Posts: 5

I agree to a certain extent that Education System in Malaysia has some drawback in developing and open up the mind set of our students. The excellent students we produced are just like the Xerox machines that write down the so-called correct or standard answer in the exam. Therefore, academic result does not always show the real ability of a person.

The reflectivity of academic result is also not reliable for Religious Studies and Moral subject. From my point of view, the main purpose of learning is to improve the quality of living. Thus, we need to imply what we learn. However, students can score in moral exam by memorizing the famous 36 values but they do not practice them in their life. Hence, I think this is the main cause for social problems in Malaysia.

I also agree that Malaysians are practicing feudalism and we are narrow-minded. We are mainly concentrated on how many As our students get in the exam especially public exam. Nevertheless, we are supposed to fully develop the potentials of our students. In my opinion, policy will remain as policy if the mind set of us do not change. We should get rid of the thinking that logical/cognitive type of capability are above all. One of the ways could be not focusing on the academic result of a person. There are other more important things for us to look at before we make conclusion for a person.


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Hana Merry
Posts: 4

in my opinion, Malaysian education is too exam oriented. everything is about assesments, exams,tests...

i know that these methods are being used to measure or to know either the students understand on the topics they are learned or not..

however, if the students' achievement is being measured by the assessments only, the students tend to memorize the whole books rather than understand it or learned it by their heart..  rote learning is one of the best method that we, as students, can use to excel in exams...

as a result, students only learn to sit for the exams... they will write down all the facts that they memorize on the exam sheets,,the time when they step out from the exam hall,, all the facts will 'gone with the wind'....

thus, they can excel in exams but its hard for them to excel in their life...

so,, how can Malaysia produce a holistic students if the students themselves do not really understand what do they learn..?

this is something that all the citizens (not only the teachers or students ) in Malaysia should ponder...



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